Fractals: first steps

This is a shameless case of showing off someone else’s work. I was shown this today, and was particularly taken with ‘infinity elephants.’

Her comments on school maths are heartbreaking and true *wipes a tear* 

The video on “binary trees” will show you how to make pictures like the one above. Ben and I tried trees with other shapes (e.g. concave and convex curves) – they looked pretty sweet for a set of doodles done on the bus.

Still working towards creating something as beautiful as this:

I really like how the colours deepen as they’re overlaid. Lovely.

Trying to figure out how it could be brought into a maths lesson in a way that doesn’t completely clash with the permanent need to get through the curriculum as quickly as possible. Maths is fun, but maths lessons can be pretty grim.

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  1. Joseph

    Encarta, the old Microsoft computerised encyclopedia (in those far-off pre Wikipedia days) had a rather good binary/trinary tree generator. I can’t remember why…

    It also had an awesome orbits game.

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