Try this at home

Hurrah! Nrich have published their new puzzles for March, chief amongst which I’ve been enjoying The Numbers Give the Design. As they suggest, it will be a nice end-of-term activity, and will give a good opportunity to update displays of pupils’ work.

I tried the 7x tables, the shape of which they give on their site, and the units of cubed  numbers. The latter make a shape which echoes a St Brigid’s Cross:

Unfortunately I’ve lost the cable to upload my own photos (and my felt tips are quite faded, so it’s not quite the masterpiece I’d hoped for:) Once I have time, I’m looking forward to trying it with acute turns. I haven’t yet found one that is continuous (i.e. doesn’t eventually loop back on itself) – let me know if you do, as I want to see if one can predict if a pattern will form a loop.

There is also a great one about multiplying:

As with all their most recent activities and ideas, there is great scope to make it accessible to less able/confident learners as well as ways to make it really challenging and interesting (well, I find it interesting, at least!).

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