Working Systematically (resource)

First day of Lent – what better time than to think about how to torture pupils in new ways:)

I found this resource (from nrich, obviously) to support teaching students to work systematically. Even if you don’t use the whole thing, many would make good activities to start lessons or to stretch students.

I like this one especially, as it is easy for any student to get started and you can support less confident students with mirrors, etc.

Another that I quite liked, and again *could* (in theory) be made more kinaesthetic for students with serious SEN, is this one:

This one certainly hammers home the need to work systematically!

I haven’t tried these with my students yet – it seems like a good thing to do at the start of the academic year, to instil good practices and habits (and to get it done before the pressure to get through the Scheme of Work kicks in). Do let me know how they go down if you try them.

UPDATE: Today I tried the ‘make 37’ activity with Y7 (high ability – all expected to get B/A in GCSE) and Y10 (less confident – expected to get F-D in GCSE and, more pertinently, hate maths). It went down well with both:) On the advice of a colleague, I used it as an opportunity to move towards proof, both in words and in algebra (using 2n, 2n+2, 2n+4, 2n+6), which made it more appropriate to KS3 and KS4. It was also used as an opportunity to develop teamwork and reflect on how to improve as a ‘teamworker.’

I think they liked having an activity where it was clear how to get going, and it’s so infuriating to work on that they were all really keen to solve it.


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2 responses to “Working Systematically (resource)

  1. Shivani

    Wow, some of those are tricky, but really cool. Just came across this guy on TED, am interested in what you think of the model. I’m not completely convinced… Would love to know what you think.

    S xx

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