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Most maths games are awful. The most chilling I’ve found proudly described how it “allows children to explore perimeter and area through the magic of archaelogy.” It was in no way magical: a picture of a (dull) fossil came up if you got a question right.

Conversely, some maths games are great fun, but the level of mathematical challenge is very poor (i.e. they are pointless as a ‘break’ for classes deserving of a treat, and are useless for practising at home).

However, I recently found the brilliant (and very addictive) MangaHigh. Downside: you have to pay. Upside: challenging games, visually appealing, and a wide range of mathematical topics. Further, many of the games are split between ‘normal’ and ‘lite’ (same concepts, but less difficult questions).

UPDATE: Mangahigh are offering free accounts for a school to enlist 30 pupils (i.e. a class), should you want to use it.

For shape, there is pyramid panic (the ‘creature’ chasing your mummy is terrifying).

For fractions/decimals/percentages, there is a challenge around ordering them:

One that is very popular with pupils who need to practise basic number is BIDMAS blaster:

However, it did lead to the very scary exclamation from one student “MISSWHATTWOPLUSTHREE?!?!?!” *facepalm*

There are plenty more games, as well as challenges and online lessons. However, some of the games are quite addictive…just a warning if, like me, you are easily distracted from planning. That said, the challenges have given me lots of ideas for stretching questions, homework and plenaries, so it wouldn’t necessarily be a complete waste of planning time.

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