Maths Dictionary

Many of my pupils struggle to put words to their knowledge/skills, so I’m pleased to have found a (very) child-friendly maths dictionary. In addition to being helpful for looking things up for homework or revision, it has many (mini) questions and activities with each definition and could also be used for lessons when students are making posters or displays about what they know (or don’t know:( ).

In particular, young students might enjoy the entries for ‘acute angle’ (with ‘a cute’ pelican…sorry), students who struggle with vocabulary may find entries such as a ‘perpendicular’ and ‘quadrilateral’ helpful, and students who are more confident/competent with reading should find entries such as prime, index and rational helpful for revision or at the start of learning about a new topic.


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3 responses to “Maths Dictionary

  1. UPDATE: Here is another one, also very good:

    Overall, it’s less pretty, but a few of their definitions/activities are better (although some are less fun, from an 11-year-old’s point of view).

  2. I wrote recently on this too – see my post for some other reference sources.

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