About the Blog

I love teaching maths and I have an amusing accent. That’s probably summarises what my pupils know about me.

This is my seventh year teaching,  and my second at Michaela Community School in Brent. I taught at a school in Sheffield, having been placed there by Teach First in 2010, and then at a free school in Bradford.

If you want to know more about our school, we’re always happy to have visitors. Get in touch on Twitter (@danicquinn) or have a look at the website: www.mcsbrent.co.uk


Most of the older content of this blog was written in my PGCE year – i.e., it’s concerned with things that I have the luxury of not really thinking of or worrying about anymore and are comically ill-judged. I wouldn’t recommend looking at any of it.

6 responses to “About the Blog

  1. Sarah Baxter

    Hello Miss Quinn
    I think this site is great – lots of really useful links. Thank you for taking the time (oh so much time) to get it together.

  2. This is ace! Can we link to this from the VLE at school? Sorry – talking shop….

  3. Thanks:) The ‘target’ audience is other new teachers, but happy for it to go up if you think it would be of interest to others.

  4. Hi,
    Really like your blogs. Some excellent ideas that I can’t wait to try. The balloons lesson was genius!!

  5. Hi Miss Quinn,

    I see you went to Loreto on the Green and have a bit of an Irish accent (it’s very nice) and an Irish surname. This interests me as I’m Irish and write from a traditionalist perspective. I wonder how you found school in Ireland? Given your Irish background, I think you could make a valuable contribution to the debate here on the introduction of ‘progressive’ reforms. I wrote about this here: https://grainneweb.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/well-being-new-junior-cycle-area-of-study/. I liked your chapter in ‘Battle Hymn’ about the need for competition: Irish ‘progressives’ say this is damaging to children and that we need to emphasise ‘wellbeing’ from now on instead. I’d say you could get a condensed version of that chapter published in the Irish Times: although it’s a very ‘progressive’ paper and in favour of ‘child-centred’ reforms, they are open to opposing viewpoints now and again.

    All the best,

  6. Olivia Barrow

    Hello Miss Quinn,

    I came across your page after a post on the Teach First Maths Facebook page from one of my 2012 cohort championing you! It was with regards to Maths Knowledge organisers? Is this something that your department are working on?
    Would be great to hear your thoughts on them / as part of my schools CPD Focus next year were looking at memory and assessment. Lots of lovely work using the learning scientists and knowledge organisers have been coming up a lot!


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